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Sydney Trains

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    • Facebook Community 5 years ago

      I’ve been on the trains in Sydney heaps of times. The trains themselves are very accessible with both visual and auditory notifications (although it can be difficult to hear the auditory notifications if the carriage is crowded or the speaker isn’t working properly). Passengers in wheelchairs need to see the guard on the platform to arrange for a ramp to get onto the carriage. They will ask you for your destination and phone ahead to get someone wedding with a ramp on the other and to let you off the carriage. I’ve always been nervous but have not been let down yet. I always get ready to grab a fellow passenger to stand in the doorway and ask for help if there isn’t a platform attendant waiting with a ramp at my destination. The bigger issue is whether individual stations are accessible to the platform full stop not all stations have list installed yet.

      I’m not sure if Sydney rail has a map available with current information on which stations are accessible or not. I happen to know that Chatswood, Circular Quay, Wynyard, Town Hall and Central stations are accessible but that’s on me because local family members told me they were before I tried to use them. (The London tube map clearly shows which stations or independently accessible or partially accessible and I wish they did something some more here.)

      Also, the tram from Central Station into the city/Darling Harbour is independently accessible and you can let yourself on and off through a special designated area that is raised and close to the carriage for wheelchair access.

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