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GetAboutAble is a leading Australian accessible tourism consultancy,
supporting travel and leisure businesses to improve
their access and inclusion

20% of the population has accessibility needs including vision, hearing, mobility, neurodiversity and hidden disabilities. That’s 1 in 5 people who actively seek accessible and inclusive venues and experiences.

About GetAboutAble accessible and inclusive tourism

GetAboutAble not only supports tourism operators to enhance travel and leisure opportunities for people with disability (PWD), but also to tap into the “disabled dollar”, and attract this valuable market. Tourism Australia estimates that accessible tourism was worth $13.5 billion to the Australian economy in 2021, and the market is growing.

Founded in 2015 by Dr Yasmine Gray, GetAboutAble is a social enterprise focused on improving travel and leisure opportunities for people with disability, both as consumers and employees. We work with tourism operators, government bodies and community organisations to help them become more accessible and inclusive through a range of tailored consulting services including Access and Inclusion Reviews, Disability Action and Inclusion Plan development, staff training programs and digital accessibility content.

The annual Accessible & Inclusive Tourism Conference educates tourism industry stakeholders including operators and government and tourism bodies on how to best cater to the valuable accessible and inclusive market. The event also provides a valuable opportunity for stakeholders to connect with each other to create momentum and contribute to the growth of the accessible tourism sector.
Get in touch with us today with our Consulting Team to discuss how GetAboutAble can support your organisation to become more accessible and inclusive.

GetAboutAble's Team

Our Founder - Yasmine Gray

GetAboutAble Canberra Region Tourism Awards Winner

Yasmine has a lifetime of experience as an avid traveller for both business and leisure, including over 25 years travelling with a disability. Having experienced first-hand the barriers people with disability face when engaging in travel and leisure activities, Yasmine founded GetAboutAble in 2015 out of a desire to make travel and leisure more accessible and inclusive for all. Having grown up in Europe and North America, Yasmine immigrated to Australia in 1991 and had successful careers in academia and the public service, before retiring in 2011. She continues to enjoy her passion for travel as often as possible.

Meet our team members

Gemma - Profile Picture

Gemma Axford - Managing Director

Gemma has over 15 years’ experience in leadership, economic and commercial development, partnerships and marketing across the tourism, corporate and government sectors. Gemma is passionate about supporting people with disability, their families and carers to participate, contribute and benefit from travel and leisure activities.

Frances - Profile Picture

Frances Riggs - Consultancy Manager

Frances has worked in the disability sector for 20 years, and is passionate about shaping diverse and inclusive communities that enable participation by people with disability. Frances has extensive experience and knowledge of project management and community development across a number of areas including in the disability sector, overseas aid, development with Oxfam Australia and as a Volunteer Abroad.

Nicole Profile Picture

Nicole Campbell - Conference Manager

Nicole has gained extensive experience in the corporate, hospitality, travel, and tourism sectors over a span of 23 years. Her notable experience encompasses retail and wholesale travel, account management, business development, as well as managing corporate and government events.

Throughout her career, Nicole has served as the Director of Enterprise and Distribution Development for Tourism NT, the Associate Director of Sales for Accor Hotels, the Sales & Marketing Manager for Tourism Whitsundays, the Account Manager for Cook Island Tourism, and the Volunteer Coordinator for Sydney 2000 Olympics. Additionally, Nicole’s life highlights include volunteering for Radio Lollipop and DJ-ing on the children’s hospital ward.

Manon - Profile Picture

Manon David - Product Development Manager

Manon works at GetAboutAble as Product Development and Project Manager. She has over 5 years of experience working with social enterprises and contributing to their growth and development. She’s worked in France, Australia and Panama and loves diversity and inclusion.

Adrienne Gault - Access and Inclusion Advisor

Adrienne completed a bachelor of Architecture degree at RMIT and worked in small architectural practices in Melbourne until moving to Canberra and taking time out to raise her young family. After her son was diagnosed with autism, Adrienne also became passionate about developing innovative approaches to expand the opportunities for people with autism to actively participate in typical community activities. She joined GetAboutAble in 2017 and has used her design thinking skills to develop user-friendly tools and resources to help tourism businesses and community organisations get started on the journey to becoming more accessible and inclusive and navigate the crucial first steps.

Debbie - Profile Picture

Debbie Mckenna - Social Media Manager

As a disabled person, Debbie grew up in a world not designed for her, having to fight to create her own meaningful opportunities. Founding a Virtual Assistant business, Debbie works to further reach causes and people that matter, and support her clients in their advocacy roles. With 4 years in the virtual assistant industry, and a further 8 years in the retail industry, Debbie proves that disability does not affect ability, and believes all people deserve a safe, inclusive pathway into meaningful employment that also satisfies them.

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