About Us

What is Getaboutable?

Pronounced “Get-About-Able”, a social enterprise focused on improving travel and leisure options for people with disabilities. All profits are re-invested to empower people with disabilities to participate in travel and leisure activities, and to help the travel and leisure sector be more inclusive for people with disabilities.

We empower the 20% of the population with mobility, vision, hearing and other assistance needs, their families, friends and supporters to find and share information about accessible travel and leisure activities around the world.

Getaboutable.com offers a unique platform to promote inclusive businesses around the globe while encouraging and supporting them to tap into the  ‘Purple Dollar’. It is a powerful and useful tool to connect the inclusive travel and leisure sector with increasing demand from people with disabilities who don’t know what is accessible in any given location, not to mention how to organise it.

Our Story

Getaboutable’s Founder, Dr Yasmine Gray, has always been passionate about travel and adventure but has found it challenging to enjoy new experiences as she has become less mobile over the years due to multiple sclerosis. The idea for the website started in 2008, as Yasmine and a friend were discussing their frustrations in trying to find information about accessible leisure activities and travel destinations. This led her to create getaboutable.com which launched in February 2016.

In 2017, Yasmine joined The Mill House, a social enterprise accelerator, working side-by-side with other social ventures to challenge and support each other in their mutual aims of sustainable and scalable social change. Yasmine quickly realised that in order for getaboutable.com to be sustainable, she would need to recruit board members and additional resources to the team. The getaboutable.com vision was also recognised with a 2017 ACT Chief Minister’s Inclusion Award for Innovation in Design.

2018 has been a busy year for getaboutable.com. The first half of the year saw us be recognised with a City Renewal Authority City Grant, a YWCA Canberra Great Ydeas Grant, a Hands Across Canberra project grant and a Snow Foundation grant. These grants have allowed us to embark on the Accessible Canberra project, which encourages businesses and other travel and leisure destinations in the ACT to be more accessible and give people with a disability the confidence to get out and about in the community by increasing accessibility information.

Then in July, Yasmine pitched at a Canberra entrepreneurial event seeking investors or technical partners. It just happened to be her lucky night as Andrew Vassili and Steven Diep, Co-Founders of Simplfi (a Canberra-based digital consultancy) were also attending and looking to be part of projects where they could use their technical expertise to contribute to society and a great cause. This led Andrew and Steven to join getaboutable as technical co-founders and board members. Together the team have been working hard to improve getaboutable.com to create a better user experience.

Fast forward to the 2019, the team have continued to build relationships with local communities and they have recently won Microsoft AI for accessibility challenge 

Our Founders

Steve Diep

Product Lead

Steve has extensive experience working in the technology sector with large organisations such as PwC, KPMG, Defence and the University of Canberra, as well as in the start-up space with Simplfi a Digital Consultancy. Steve graduated from the University of Canberra with a Bachelor of Business Informatics. Steve is the powerhouse behind getaboutable’s product strategy and design, while also providing solid backup and collaborative interaction to Andrew’s technical expertise. Steve has a passion for contributing to projects which involve emerging technologies and approaches to solving social problems. Steve was the driving force behind getaboutable’s application to Microsoft’s AI for Accessibility Challenge, and our new virtual tour capability.

Yasmine Gray


Yasmine has a lifetime of experience as an avid traveller for both business and leisure, including over 20 years of travel with a disability. She also has extensive networks in the disabled community, including with disability advocacy organisations. In her younger years, Yasmine had very successful careers in academia (first coming to Australia on a CSIRO Fellowship in 1991, then securing Australian Research Council grant funding while at the Australian National University), and the public service (retiring as a Senior Advisor in 2011), demonstrating her drive and ability to succeed in all sorts of environments.

Andrew Vassili

Technical Lead

Andrew has extensive experience working in the technology sector with large organisations such as PwC, Telstra, and Defence, as well as in the start-up space with Simplfi a Digital Consultancy. Andrew graduated from UNSW with a Bachelor of Mechatronic Engineering and Master of Biomedical Engineering, and has always had an aptitude for problem solving. Andrew is the mastermind behind getaboutable’s backend and , while also working closely with Steve’s creative vision. Alongside his technical abilities and desire to succeed, Andrew has always had the desire to work in the social space to effect positive social change.