How to maximise your accessibility

Customers are more likely to buy from companies that reflect their own values. Brands that welcome disabled customers by providing the assistance and facilities they need and that emphasise inclusivity in their branding and advertising can win new, loyal customers. The global ‘Purple Dollar’ – the collective spending power of disabled customers and their families – is estimated to be in the region of $8 trillion. However, less than ten per cent of businesses have a defined strategy for targeting this market.

Promote your Business

Getaboutable offers a range of services to enhance your profiles by boosting your listings priority and having one of our expert 3D photographers create an interactive virtual tours for your business. Having a 360 degree virtual tour on your profile will help you showcase your business to users and  stand out from the competition.

Be more inclusive

Find out more on how to be more inclusive by checking out our comprehensive list of training and awareness programs

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Appropriate Infrastructure

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