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Need help with your business listing?

1) To add a listing for your business simply click on the   button located on the top right of the menu or click here

2) Select the appropriate category, 

3) You’ll need to register or be logged in to proceed

4) To save time, you can use our “Import Details from Social” feature to populate the form

5) Select from the following packages:  

  • Free Plan
  • $39 Per Month – Enhanced Plan 
  • $69 Per Month – Premium Plan

You can find out more information about our pricing and packages here  

6) Complete the form with as must detail as possible all mandatory fields with have a red asterisks *
7) Upload up to 5 pictures with the Free Plan
8) If a paid plan is selected you’ll be first required to make a payment, once complete our administrators will approve the listing within 48 hours!

A) If you created the listing:

1) Simply click on   located on the top right navigation bar
2) Select “My Profile”  from the drop down
3) Under the listings tab, find the listing you would like to change and select “edit”
4) The edit form should now appear, once you’ve finished with your updates you can scroll to the bottom to preview your listing or submit your listing

B) If you didn’t create the listing:

1) Navigate to your listing page using the search function on the home page by first selecting accomodation then entering  a keyword.
2) Once you have found your listing, look for the   button located just under the title of the cover photo.
3) Fill out the form and we will verify your claim and email you confirmation within 48 hours.
4) Once confirmed you the listing will now appear under your profile, simply follow Steps A to edit your listing

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