Case Study
Capacity Building Workshop on Sharing Relevant Information and Digital Accessibility

Client: VisitCanberra

VisitCanberra is the official tourism organisation for Canberra and the ACT Government, working to grow the visitor economy for Canberra and the surrounding regions by creating and implementing a range of marketing and development programs.

VisitCanberra’s marketing and communications team wanted to know what information they should share on their website and various communications channels that would be relevant to visitors with access requirements (and their travelling companions), as well as how to share this information digitally in an accessible and inclusive manner.

Two tailored workshops to guide VisitCanberra for accessible and inclusive digital marketing and promotion

GetAboutAble delivered two workshops tailored to VisitCanberra’s marketing team requests. Accessibility is key in attracting a diverse range of visitors so getting it right is a strong asset to support VisitCanberra’s promotion of tourism in the ACT region.

1. Get your information in shape

Recent studies showed that 72% of people with disability have been confronted with misleading data on venue websites and 58% avoid venues lacking accessibility information*. So providing accurate information about the accessibility and inclusivity of Canberra tourism attractions is key to attracting the 20% of travellers with an access requirement and their travelling companions.
GetAboutAble delivered an in-person workshop on how to provide up-to-date and accurate information about the accessibility features of Canberra on VisitCanberra’s website.

2. Digital Accessibility

After working on content and what visitors need to know, we focused on how to deliver that information in an accessible manner. Digital accessibility is about optimising the experience for everybody so that you never exclude a potential visitor to your destination.
In partnership with OZeWAI, GetAboutable delivered a virtual workshop to cover how to improve digital accessibility throughout VisitCanberra’s website and social media.

This training was interactive with activities that enabled Visit Canberra’s staff attending to immediately put the new learnings into practice. For example, creating the best alt text for images used by VisitCanberra for marketing content or role-playing the planning phase of a visit to Canberra with different access requirements.

After the workshops, attendees received tip sheets and self-assessment guides to use as templates for future work.

*Sources: Expedia Inclusive Travel Report (2022) and Euan’s Guide Access Survey (2022)

Successful Case Study: A team with an increased understanding of accessible and inclusive marketing practices​

“Getaboutable delivered a highly engaging series of workshops to support our team to improve accessibility in our customer-facing visitors centre and across our digital channels. The sessions were eye-opening, with the team gathering many practical new ideas to incorporate into our day-to-day work. These workshops were an important step in our journey to making Canberra a more accessible and inclusive destination.”
Logo for VisitCanberra in square format
Teresa Comacchio - VisitCanberra

VisitCanberra’s marketing staff found it easy to start implementing some changes that will make a world of difference for visitors with disability. For instance, one participant pointed out that the digital channels workshop helped them realise that language needed to change throughout the articles they published to be more disability friendly.

The 2024 Canberra Visitor Guide included content focused on accessible and inclusive trips to the ACT, seamlessly connected with the rest of the information to provide a real inclusive experience.

GetAboutAble helped VisitCanberra Start Where They Are and now the journey continues!

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