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Travel With Special NeedsFrenchs Forest, New South Wales, Australia

Travel With Special Needs

431 Warringah Road
Frenchs Forest, New South Wales, 2086 Australia

Phone: 1300 404 100
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Making travel possible for people of all abilities and needs. Travel with Special Needs makes what you’ve dreamt about possible.

Tested packages

All holiday packages have been tested by our team. We only include providers who provide facilities for a range of abilities and needs.

Value for Money

Travelling with special needs doesn’t need to be expensive. Our packages cater to a variety of abilities and needs so you can easily make that dream holiday happen.

Specialist Team

We’ve had accessibility training and our special needs writers help us have an accurate understanding of the varying needs of our travellers.

Passionate Travel

We’re passionate travellers with 100+ years experience. We’ve visited Australia’s top 50 cities and over 80 countries around the world.

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