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About Us is an Australian based social enterprise that aims to give people with disabilities the confidence to get out and about.

We empower the 20% of the population with mobility, vision, hearing and other assistance needs, their families, friends and supporters to find and share information about accessible travel and leisure activities around the world. offers a unique platform to promote inclusive businesses around the globe while encouraging and supporting them to tap into the  ‘Purple Dollar’. It is a powerful and useful tool to connect the inclusive travel and leisure sector with increasing demand from people with disabilities who don’t know what is accessible in any given location, not to mention how to organise it. is here to help.

How does work? relies on crowd-based information. For to grow as a resource, we rely on you, the users, to nominate and/or review inclusive activities and venues that you have experienced.

To find inclusive travel activities, just browse the map or use the keyword and other text-based search tool.

To contribute and share your knowledge  of your local area or through your own travel:

To nominate your business:

Happy exploring and enjoy being able and about!

Our Story

Dr Yasmine Gray is the founder of She has always been passionate about travel and adventure but has found it challenging to enjoy new experiences as she has become less mobile over the years due to multiple sclerosis.

Her idea for establishing started in 2008, as she was discussing with a friend who encountered similar problems, the frustrations they faced in their travels and the need for a comprehensive resource for information exchange on accessible travel opportunities. She also wanted to address similar needs for people with vision, hearing and other assistance needs, including the ageing population and those with temporary needs.