Here at getaboutable, our ultimate goal is to make the world more accessible. Now, there are lots of fantastic accessible travel bloggers out there who’ve had some amazing (and not so amazing) experiences, and have blogged to tell the tale. Unfortunately however, that information often doesn’t get back to the venue or business they visited, so they don’t know where they’re going right or wrong. That’s where we come in.

Warning: incoming computer jargon (don’t worry, I translate it into English later)

What we’re looking to do is ingest accessible travel blogs, categorise them by venue or business, perform linguistic analysis on their contents by running them through cloud-based text analytic AI algorithms, determine overall accessibility-based consumer sentiment and then provide businesses with reports notifying them of our findings.

Now in English.

We’ll look through amazing travel blogs that are online and use some specialised software to analyse them and pick out the parts which relate to accessibility and inclusion. Now, if lots of blogs say similar things (e.g., they applaud wide doors and entrance ramps or criticise a lack of bathroom rails or braille menus), then we’re onto something! We’ll then take these findings, create a report and send it off to the business notifying them so they can either pat themselves on the back, or make improvements. In order to make the venues and businesses more accessible, the first step is telling them what they’re doing right and what they’re doing wrong accessibility-wise! After all, how can they be expected to improve if they don’t know they’re doing anything wrong?

Again, our ultimate goal at getaboutable is to make the world more accessible, and we’re doing it one business at a time.

What we’re looking for is support from a cloud provider that can provide us with the compute resources we need to get this done. So, who’s it going to be?

  • Microsoft Azure?
  • Amazon Web Services?
  • IBM Cloud?
  • Google Cloud Platform?
  • Oracle Cloud?
  • Alibaba Cloud?

Andrew, co-founder @ getaboutable