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Smithsonian National American Indian MuseumWashington DC, United States

Smithsonian National American Indian Museum

Fourth St, Independence Ave
Washington DC, 20560 United States

Phone: 202-633-6644
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“The museum is accessible to people with disabilities.”

Arriving and Parking

“Visitors with vehicles displaying the international symbol of accessibility may park in the two spaces available for this purpose located adjacent to the museum on the northeast corner of Jefferson Drive and Fourth Street, S.W. Additional metered parking surrounds the building on all sides.”

Wheelchair Accessibility and Availability

“Both entrances to the museum have ramps to accommodate visitors in wheelchairs and with strollers. All levels of the museum, including exhibition spaces and public facilities, are accessible by elevator. Wheelchairs are available on a first-come, first-served basis at both entrances.”

Sign Language Interpretation

“If you require a sign language, oral, or cued-speech interpreter for a guided museum tour, contact NMAI Group Reservations at 202-633-6644 or email at least three weeks prior to your visit.

“If you require a sign language, oral, or cued-speech interpreter or Realtime captioning for a museum event, contact NMAI Group Reservations at 202-633-6644 or email at least three weeks in advance of the program you plan to attend, explaining as specifically as possible the services you will need.

“For example, if you want an ASL interpreter rather than a PSE or Signed English interpreter, share that information with staff.

“Because the museum does not have interpreters on staff, advance notice is necessary in order to arrange for outside interpreters.”

Closed Captioning and Assistive Listening

“The Lelawi Theater on the museum’s Fourth Level is a unique visitor experience. Visitors may check out a hand-held captioning device from the Visitor Services usher. The device sits in your lap and digitally displays film captions. The Rasmuson Theater on the museum’s First Level, often the venue for symposia, as well as movies and the performing arts, is equipped with an assistive listening system. Ask at the Welcome Desk for a receiver with a neckloop or headset attachment.”

Braille Automatic Teller Machine (ATM)

“A Braille ATM is available near the entrance to the Mitsitam Cafe.”

Smithsonian Accessibility Program

“The Smithsonian’s Accessibility Program supports the Smithsonian in making all visitors feel welcome by providing consistent, effortless access to the Institution’s programs, collections, and facilities.

“For more information on Smithsonian accessibility policies and programs, visit the Accessibility Program web page; call 202-633-2921 (voice); or email”

Further Information

The Smithsonian National American Indian Museum’s webpage regarding accessibility.

Further Information

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