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Check out our list of businesses that provide accessibility products in the ACT.

Physical accessible services – ramps etc

1. Mobility Matters

Address: 21-23 Townsville Street, Fyshwick ACT 2609

Phone: (02) 6280 7244

Company specialized in the sale of rehabilitation and hospital equipment to Canberra and region. Operating since 1978 and previously known as SOS, it has showrooms in Fyshwick (ACT), Batemans Bay and Bega (NSW). The sell three types of ramps which are available in different sizes (aluminum telescoping ramps; single fold ramps; and threshold ramps).


2. Easier Living Services

Address: Unit 1/47 Tennant Street, Fyshwick ACT 2609

Phone: (02) 6280 4747

NDIS registered provider

Easier Living services Canberra and surrounding areas and work towards making homes functional and safe to use by modifying and renovating spaces. Cater to bathrooms, business, construction, education, individuals, industrial, ramps, residential, retail and tourism. Provide as professional and qualified carpenters and tradesmen, consultancy and disabled access audits services, custom made and installations of mobility equipment (door, threshold ramps, handrails, lifts).


3. Australian RAMP & access solutions pty ltd

Address: 39 Aurora Ave, Queanbeyan, NSW 2620

Phone: (02) 6299 2025 | 1800 010 246 (free call)

Headquarters located in Albury

Service 16,000 postcodes and overseas locations

Australian Ramps and Access Solutions provide modular ramp systems for wheelchair accessibility to domestic and commercial buildings. NDIS and government providers, this company is recognized across Australia, New Zealand and Asia and Pacific region. They have a wide range of ramps from customized ramps to portable and mini ramps as well as rubber, timber, modular and permanent ramps. They also are able to adjust landings and make platforms and other related products.


4. Lightning Mobility

Address: 9 Aurora Ave, Queanbeyan ACT 2620

Phone: (02) 6297 6672

Supply Decpac Ramps lightweight and durable portable ramps in extensive range of sizes and types (multi-paneled, hinge system folds, non-slip grip surface, multipurpose and ideal for commercial and travel situations).


5. Mobility Care

Wide selection of ramps and various systems. They fast and low-cost ship their products and/or help you find a local dealer.


6. Total Mobility

Address: Unit 10/1-11 Burns Road,

Heathcote NSW 2233

Phone: 1300 868 662

Experts in mobility and access solutions established since 1993. Known for providing a high level of personalized service and advice. They supply individuals, aged care facilities, institutional homes, and hospitals. They sell rubber ramps, aluminum ramps, fiberglass ramps and full ramp installations.


7. Scope Home Access

Address: Unit 1/117 Flemington Road (entry via ramp in Darling Street), Mitchell ACT 2911

Phone: 1300 765 887

Provide a range of minor and major modifications around homes, including access ramps and step modifications, vertical and low-rise platform lifts (as part of the Home Support program and NDIS). Might be able to provide services to businesses (in spite of there being no mention of it on their website).


8. Tyrex

Address: 93 Munibung Road, Cardiff NSW 2285

Phone: (02) 49566860

Australian manufacturer of recycled rubber and durable products for long-lasting and hard-wearing use. Their products are suitable for disability and aged care facilities amongst others. They have a variety of rubber ramps suitable for wheelchair access, disability and aged care purposes.


9. Rampassist

Address: (Head office) Unit 8/1 Bounty Close, Tuggerah Business Park, Tuggerah NSW 2259

Phone: 1300 762 797

Specialized in designing, manufacturing and supplying tailored access ramps that are modular and easy-to-install for homes, buildings. Portable and roll kind of ramp, its unique roll up design enables the ramp to be taken anywhere and stored and used for various occasions from disabled to temporary access or even trailer or van loading. It is customizable and can be used as a semi-permanent ramp with a full hand rail system. They are suitable for every-day usage and suit most budgets.


10. Always Direct

Provide low-cost ramps for wheelchairs for Australia wide. Delivery to the door is available. Ramps are all the temporary/portable kind.


11. Crazy Sales

They sell aluminum folding wheelchair ramps in different sizes and deliver them.


12. Bunnings warehouse

They offer a basic range of safety mat threshold ramps, outdoor access ramp mats and plank ramp for indoor use. A very standard range and fitting only level flooring conditions.


13. Tormax Automatic

Address: 13 Lillee Crescent, Tullamarine VIC 3043


Phone: (03) 9897 6010 | 1800 60 8000

Manufacturer of automatic doors that deliver the Canberra region. Supply automatic swing doors to increase convenience and create a barrier-free access for the disabled. They also provide residential automatic doors for disability access; they can customize to your needs. Their headoffice is located in Melbourne however they do have a branch in the ACT.


14. Ability Auto Door, Official Stanley Automatic Door Distributor


Phone: 1800 709 029

Specialists in Automatic door systems to enable doors to be unlocked, opened, closed and relocked by pushing a button, making this process easier for the aged and disabled. They service individuals and businesses. Australia wide installation.


15. GARIO (Global Accessibility Reporting Initiative)

App Developers can contribute into making mobile phones features able to assist people with vision, hearing, speech, dexterity, or cognition disabilities. Developers can participate by registering accessibility-related apps with GARIO.


Hearing Assistance

  1. National Relay Service

Being accessible through the National Relay Service will make your business friendly to deaf, hearing or speech impaired clients, attract new customers from the ageing population, make you meet your legislative obligations for equality of access amongst others. Your contact center or reception staff will be able to take and make calls via the National Relay Service (NRS).


  1. Hearing Loop Australia (HLA)

Phone: 1300 669 721

Their products cover various settings and needs in order to support those living with hearing disabilities by providing induction and hearing loops. Hearing loops can enhance two-way speech situations to improve communication at security counters for instance, but they also supply loops specifically made for stand-alone small areas for localized communication systems such as intercoms, interactive exhibits, lifts or some fitted for larger settings like conference rooms, waiting rooms or reception areas.


  1. Telstra Disability equipment program

Phone: 1800 068 424 (Voice) | 133 677 (TTY)

Telstra offers a range of products to assist their customers having trouble in accessing standard telephone services. Customers deaf or blind or living with a hearing speech, vision, mobility or dexterity impairment are eligible. Their products include amongst others (non-exhaustive list):

  • teletypewriters (TTY) for speech or hearing-impaired users and gives access to the National Relay Service for text to voice calls with other users;
  • Uniphone 1150 suitable for standard phone and TTY users which possesses a built-in flashing ring indicator;
  • Miniprint 425, a reliable TTY with an integrated printer;
  • Braille TTY, a TTY which outputs conversations in Braille and standard TTY fluorescent display designed especially for deafblind customers;
  • Cochlear Implant Telephone Adaptor;
  • Visual Alert, for the deaf


  1. SHHH, Self-Help for Hard of Hearing People

Address: SHHH Australia Inc, Room 26 Hillview Community Health Centre, 1334 Pacific Highway, Turramurra NSW 2074

Phone: (02) 9144 7586

Advocacy group providing extensive information about loop systems. A loop system suitable for a room perimeter of about 25 to 30 meters costs about $300. The website provides a list of providers and/or installers for all of Australia.

Supplier and/or installers of audio loop systems in the ACT


  1. Deafness Resource Centre-Grant Cameron Community Centre

Level @a 27 Lulley Street, Holder 2611

Phone: (02) 6287 4393 | TTY (02) 6287 4394


  1. Brindabella Hearing & Speech Centre

Address: see contact page for physical address of clinics

Phone: (02) 6281 2311

Provide Canberra and surrounding area with the broadest range of hearing, language, speech and balance services and products. They have clinics in Deakin, Erindale, Bruce, Gungahlin and Queanbeyan (ACT). They mainly provide consultancy and specialized programs, and as products hearing aids solely.


  1. Better Hearing Australia

Address: Canberra branch, 7/95 Crisp Circuit, Bruce ACT 2617


Phone: (02) 6251 4713

Independent hearing advocacy and consumer advice organisation and deliver throughout Australia local programs and services. They also provide current statistics of population suffering from hearing loss. The ACT branch offers lip reading classes, patient hospital kits, hearing awareness, Tinnitus advice, workplace communication and hearing aids acquisition advice, communication enhancement as well as referral.


  1. ClearaSound

Address: Unit A10/04 Central Avenue, Thornleigh NSW 2120

Phone: (02) 9481 9750 | TTY (02) 9484 7263


One of Australia’s leader in the supply and installation of hearing loops in public spaces, school and for personal use. They service hearing loops (buy or hire), FM and IR systems as well as advice and resources for public spaces.

Vision assistance – large print & braille products

1. Vision Australia

Address: Suite 1a – 3 Sydney Avenue,

Barton ACT 2600

Email: | (customer service)

Phone: 1300 84 74 66 (ask for Canberra) | (02) 6132 5800 (direct phone)

Extensive print access services to reach the widest audience by being inclusive and accessible to all. Products include braille business cards, alternate formatting for communication (professional narrators, braille machinery, large print and bold print graphics, e-text…), consultation, etc.

Website accessibility

1. Canaxess

A Canberra based company

Phone: +61 405 280 959

Canaxess help organisations build digital experiences which are accessible and inclusive, this allows you to create better experiences for people who use your services.

They provide auditing to ensure your website is following inclusive design principles, training to build accessibility capability from within and consult on projects where accessibility is an ongoing requirement.

They test websites, web applications and web content agains WCAG 2.0.  They make your web content accessible.

See their website for free infocard’s to guide you.