International Day of People with Disability 2022 Grant

The ACT Government is pleased to announce the opportunity for individuals and community organisations to apply for financial support, in the form of a once-only grant to assist in a program or event for the International Day of People with Disability (I-Day) in 2022.

Welcome to Floriade – Canberra inclusive and accessible

Australia’s Biggest Celebration of Spring will return to the heart of the city in Canberra’s beautiful Commonwealth Park, from Saturday 17 September to Sunday 16 October with some great accessibility features.

Events for Everybody – AITCAP Webinar

Events, whether big or small, can often overlook accessibility given their temporary nature, but there are many things you can do to make your event more inclusive. Watch the recording of our latest webinar on how to make your event welcoming to everybody with accessibility experts, event organisers and venues who have embraced accessibility.

AITCAP 2022 – Day 4 | May 26th | Highlights

“My biggest tip that I could give people is: if you don’t know, ask. Try to gain as much knowledge as you can.”
– Matt Levy, Paralympian and Ambassador for RightHear

AITCAP 2022 – Day 3 | May 24th | Highlights

“We need to constantly remind ourselves not to segregate when starting to talk about inclusivity […] people with access needs are really a part of our community and need to be included amongst all of our promotion and marketing, not like a separate sector.”
Coralie Bell, Shoalhaven City Council

AITCAP 2022 – Day 2 | May 19th | Highlights

“My bit of advice … is that you need to get on the bus now! Because the youngsters behind you can see the potential for this. And it’s the right thing to do.”
Paul Bayliss – Hotel Brooklyn Manager

AITCAP 2022 – Day 1 | May 17th | Highlights

“The takeout from everybody today is we’re not aiming for a gold standard. Make the first steps and the next steps will follow”

– Martin Heng

2022 Tourism Awards

It’s that time of the year again, nominations for state tourism awards are now being accepted.

2021 Australian Tourism Awards

While there is currently no dedicated category rewarding Accessibility, we were thrilled to see some accessible & inclusive businesses take out awards.

Inclusive Employment Webinar

Are you seeking innovative solutions to your staff shortage challenges as the industry looks to welcome back visitors with borders reopening? There are reliable people seeking work who are overlooked because of their access needs. Watch the recording of our latest webinar to discover the business benefits of inclusive hiring practices, including higher engagement levels to high productivity, from businesses with proven results.