1 in 5 people have some form of accessibility need

Can your customers with disabilities find the information needed to make a buying decision quickly and easily? Inaccessibility can have a negative effect on businesses and the economy when customers who could be accessing goods and services do not do so when faced with accessibility barriers (be they physical, communicational or attitudinal). A quality service is one of the most important things you can offer your customers, though providing access to your shop or building is the cornerstone of ‘good business’. Not only will a portion of the population not be able to enter your premises, but others may also avoid visiting because of the fact.

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Show the world your business is accessible friendly

Virtual Tours

Provide users with a sense of what they would expect when visiting your venue

Accessibility Advisory

We'll work with you to capture the information that individuals with different disabilities need to know



Thousands of accessible travellers visit each month to research and plan their perfect trip. Accommodations, restaurants and attractions can be listed on getaboutable for free! Want the edge on your competition, check out our premium listing options designed to help you stand out and give your accessible customer a greater experience through using 3D technology/

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Virtual Tours

HELP users have a sense of the environment

Often people with disabilities or special needs can feel overwhelmed and anxious about the prospect of encountering a new environment. Some individuals with particular special needs, such as autism or mobility like to plan how they will navigate through their lives in details to ensure they can expect each step of the walk to a building with precision in order to avoid making a mistake as the unknown can be very frightening. 

Example Tours

The virtual tour below was created for a local bar and restaurant. Prior to seeing the tour, wheel chair users did not think they could navigate through the underground complex, having now seen the hidden entrance ramps and measurements embedded into the virtual tour, users now have the confidence to visit a venue which they once thought was inaccessible. 

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Accessibility Advisory

EXpert advice from our accessibility experts

We’ve produced a comprehensive set of checklists designed to capture the information that individuals with different accessibility needs (namely mobility, hearing, vision, sensitivities/autism) look for when determining whether a venue caters to their needs.

What we do

We’ll go through this complete checklist set for your business to ensure that you have the accessibility information that you require to cater to 20% of the population with accessibility needs. We’ll then populate your getaboutable listing with this information to ensure that customers have all the information they need about your venue, and you’ll also be able to include that information on your own website!