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Did you know that 1 in 5 people have some form of accessibility need? You can cater to this market by looking into the accessibility services we offer.

Improving accessibility for your business

Inaccessibility can have a negative effect on businesses and the economy when customers who could be accessing goods and services do not do so when faced with accessibility barriers (be they physical, communicational or attitudinal).

A quality service is one of the most important things you can offer your customers, though providing access to your shop or building is the cornerstone of ‘good business’. Not only will a portion of the population not be able to enter your premises, but others may also avoid visiting because of the fact.


Improving accessibility for your business with a getaboutable listing

Virtual Tour

Provide users with a sense of what they would expect when visiting your venue


Accessibility assesment

We’ll work with you to capture the information that individuals with different disabilities need to know.


Thousands of accessible travellers visit each month to research and plan their perfect trip. Accommodations, restaurants and attractions can be listed on getaboutable for free! Listing with us will increase your business’ exposure to a large audience and give you access to free marketing tools. 

Example virtual tour

*very large venues may incur additional charges

Accessibility assesment

We’ve produced a comprehensive set of checklists designed to capture the information that individuals with different accessibility needs (namely mobility, hearing, vision, sensitivities/autism) look for when determining whether a venue caters to their needs. We’ll go through this complete checklist set for your business to ensure that you have the accessibility information that you require to cater to 20% of the population with accessibility needs. We’ll then populate your getaboutable listing with this information to ensure that customers have all the information they need about your venue, and you’ll also be able to include that information on your own website!