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Accessible Travel Bloggers is the ideal platform for you, Accessible Travel Bloggers, to promote your blogs while sharing your experience.’s mission is to empower people with disabilities to discover new travel and leisure activities, whilst making it easier for the travel & leisure sector to cater to people with accessibility needs.

Accessible Travel Bloggers are an extremely valuable source of road-tested information and insights. Your blogs are sometimes the only published information to alert fellow travellers about wonderful accessible travel experiences. They capture experiences that can’t be easily conveyed through other sources of accessibility information. would love to cooperate with you to showcase your work and discoveries as searchable map-based listings. In exchange, we will include a link to your blog within the listing from which it was created.

So, join’s community by becoming a contributing Travel Blogger and send your blog’s link and logo, or any stories you would like to share including pictures and/or videos to


Contributing Travel Bloggers