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Live conferences running across May 2021

Live and on-demand conferences focused on accessibility from end-to-end, what we can learn from businesses and destinations that “get” accessible and inclusive travel and are doing it well and the future evolution of the sector


Best Practice in Accessible and Inclusive Tourism

MAY 13

Understanding and attracting the accessible tourism market

MAY 20

Accessible and Inclusive Destinations

MAY 27

The Future of Inclusive and Accessible Tourism

From APATCE Reimagined to AITCAP

We listened to you and here comes APATCE Re-imagined! It even undertook a name-change to reflect how you helped shape it into a fully virtual and ever-more engaging event: it became the Accessible & Inclusive Tourism Conference in the Asia-Pacific
Thank you to all the APATCE supporters who completed our survey and let us know what you want.
We will update the website with more information as the event takes shape.

The inaugural Accessible & Inclusive Tourism Conference in the Asia-Pacific (AITCAP) will connect the huge under-served accessible tourism market with the travel & leisure sector to improve understanding that accessible tourism is a huge and growing market.

Now is the time to increase the momentum, and for the Asia-Pacific region to catch up with the US and Europe on accessible tourism.

In 2019, we had a crowd-funding campaign to launch AITCAP first edition. Due to COVID-19 it was delayed. Thankfully, we didn’t lose any of our budget on cancellations and we will be going virtual which means more resources for incredible content!

Have a look at our introductory video for the 2019 crowd-funding campaign:

In 2019, we crowd-funded $20,000 to run the first Asia-Pacific Accessible Tourism Conference and Expo

On the right is a recap of the campaign and we thank again all of our amazing donors.

We had been planning to host #APATCE in late 2020 in Canberra, Australia, but due to Covid-19, the first edition will be delivered as an engaging and information-rich virtual event that will take place in 2021 and embraces the new opportunities available to us by going online.

You can register your interest in the form above.


Imagine if you didn’t know where to get ideas for places to go, things to see or things to do. Imagine if you couldn’t find accurate venue information online or by phone. Imagine that you or one of your travelling companions couldn’t use the shower at a hotel, or the toilet at a restaurant.

Unfortunately, these are the sorts of problems faced by people with a disability almost every time they want to go somewhere they don’t already know. People with disability want to get out and about with their families and friends, but often, it’s all just too hard and they end up staying at home to avoid the frustration.

The conference will include both guest speakers and a tradeshow/expo. The conference and expo’s main purposes are to:

  • Create awareness of the size of the accessible tourism market, for travel & leisure businesses, as well as local, federal and regional governments and tourism bodies.
  • Give the accessible travel & leisure sector and accessibility-related infrastructure suppliers a forum to market themselves directly to their target customers.
  • Give individuals with accessibility needs exposure to options for travel & leisure activities.

If successful, we anticipate that the conference would become an annual event, circulating to different host cities around Australia/Asia-Pacific each year.

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