Accessibility Checklists


Our goal is to provide the most useful and comprehensive set of accessibility and inclusion information for our users.

With input from our users along with numerous disability organisations, we’ve come up with a set of checklists that we’re using to educate businesses and gather meaningful accessibility data from them. Now, these checklists aren’t perfect, but with your help we can make them so!

Please go through them (or at least the points relevant to yourself) and provide any feedback you have in the form below.

  • • Accessible booking options: online, email, phone, SMS, in-person
    • Discounted companion/carer/pensioner entry

    • Water and toileting facilities available

    • Number of spaces
    • Where are they located?

    • Straight approach to door
    • Easy open door
    • Grab rails
    • Accessible toilet flush
    • Accessible sink (including taps)
    • Accessible soap
    • Low height/adjustable mirror
    • Accessible hand dryer
    • Large hygienic waste disposal facility
    • Adult change table
    • Hoist

    • Accessible public transport nearby
    • Clear signage denoting accessibility

    • Sufficient reach capacity, both distance and height

    • Floor surfaces are level and slip resistant

    • Staff have an inclusive attitude
    • Staff know venue’s accessibility features
    • Staff know about nearby accessibility features (such as parking/toilets)
    • Clear lines of sight (especially to entry and counter) so staff aware when customers need assistance
    • Staff trained to identify when someone may have additional needs and how these may be addressed

    Please leave your comments and feedback - we'd love to hear it!

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